Your Favourite Walks Around Norther Cyprus

Send us the location of your favourite walk the start point and finish point and we will add it to a map to share with others. Also send us pictures of the surrounding area, also the time it took and any other information.

Walk 1. Esentepe to Antiphontos.

Walk 2 Uzundere Göleti (reservoir)

Walk 1

Leave Esentepe through the village and past the Football Stadium. Kepp on the mountain road for approx 5 km where you will find a track sign posted for Antiphonitis Church 4 km. This is your start point. Follow the track which is  more or less on the flat. It is a gentle walk with spectacular view of the northern coastline all along the way. When you reach the junction to the main mountain road Antiphonitis Church is just down the hill. Time for the walk approx 1 hr each way.

Walk 2 Walk 2 Uzundere Göleti (reservoir)


Park opposite the new Lara Hotel. Walk past the new Villa Esate till you reach a farm and then take the left right fork and follow track to the reservoir.

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